Bob & Hilary at Exeter Blues Week

  "Searingly hot boogie woogie and blues... Bob Hall accompanied by his wife Hilary Blythe, who plays bass and sings, are an act not to be missed. .. a fantastic selection of old and new numbers." Inverness Press & Journal 2012

"His name is synonymous with myth, legend and greatness." All Music Review

"Hall’s grasp of Blues piano is perhaps one of the most authentic in Europe today, which is why Bob Hall will never be out of work."

"RC's pick is keyboardist/bandleader Bob Hall. Outstanding on Pine Top's Boogie Woogie and supportive throughout" Record Collector review of The British Blues All Stars at Notodden Festival

"Headline artist and internationally acclaimed Boogie Woogie piano player Bob Hall is a favourite of the Dundee Blues Bonanza and pulls in a huge fan base every year" Blues Matters 2007

"A master of the austere arts of blues and boogie woogie piano" The Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings 2006

"The finest British example of piano blues" Paul Jones BBC Radio 2

"... top class entertainers .... a blues night to remember." Sheffield Telegraph

“Bob’s playing is an absolute joy throughout.” Rock and Reel

“.. absolute mastery of the blues piano.. Thundering left hand and wry lyrics.” Buzz

“.. deft and delicate touch and a real feel for a slow blues.” Detour

“I enjoyed his gentle wistful vocal style … As ever Bob’s boogie and blues piano is entirely authentic.” Jazz Journal

"The style is crisp and urgent in the romping boogie tracks and hauntingly reflective in the blues items." Yorkshire Post

"... one of our very best musicians .....great integrity style and taste, if you catch him live you will not be disappointed." Blueprint

"This is a piano player who knows his music through and through and can hold his own on this showing with the best in the world." - New Orleans Review

"Throughout his steady rolling pianistics are a joy to hear....imaginative blues variations powered by firmly insistent rhythmic left hand patterns, all executed in a masterly and individual manner. One is left with little doubt that Bob Hall is in the forefront of European blues interpreters." - The Jazz Rag

“Bob Hall has worked with the best simply because he is one of the best.”  Jazz Times 

“Bob Hall plays piano in the flowing style of pre-war masters, meaning that he plays with often understated grace and style, and – when called upon – with power.”    Living Blues (US) 

“The finest blues and boogie woogie piano player this side of the Atlantic.” Folk Roots

"Surely the finest of the British blues and boogie pianists - with a flair for imaginative lyrics." Blues and Rhythm

 “One of the blues world’s most respected musicians.”    Red Lick

"Out of all the group the stand out performance came from keyboard wizard Bob Hall. His six-minute solo was a marvel." - The Guardian - Blues Band review

 "If there's a better blues piano player outside the US than Bob Hall from the UK, it must be the world's best kept secret." - Roots & Rhythm

".. keyboard player Bob Hall brought the house down with a solo boogie." - Blues In Britain May 2004

"Bob and Hilary started with a set that was superb in its quality and choice of material. The first number was Amos Milburn's Rooming House Boogie, with witty lyrics and a classic left hand, right hand boogie.  This set the tone for a cracking romp through doo-wop on Wrong Side of the Tracks. On Bessie Smith's Backwater Blues Hilary's vocals were wonderful. Pine Top's Boogie turned into a real tour de force and  they finished their set with a witty ditty sing-along called I Can't Get My Ass In Gear." - Blues in Britain August 2006

"Hall is considered by many as England's best boogie woogie pianist"

"Boogie woogie piano like no-one else can play." - Kim Simmonds - Savoy Brown

Bob at the Chicago Blues Festival 2005