If you catch any of my shows this year do come up and say hello


You can now find me on Facebook at :
I'm still presenting The Keynote Club, a weekly show of blues, jazz and a few rarities on local radio.  Especially of interest to record collectors, it can be heard on Sheffield Live 93.2FM on Wednesday mornings at 11.00 am and Friday afternoons at 2 pm. It is podcast on the web at

There are now quite a few videos on YouTube in which I play a part, including The South Bank Show from 1978 and The North Sea Jazz Festival from 1979.  Have a look at this one from 2009


Throughout 2013 I'm continuing to tour with the British blues legend, acoustic guitarist Dave Peabody in a show called "Meetings With Remarkable (Blues) Men".  See the gig-list for details. You can find us on Facebook at Bob Hall & Dave Peabody |


The new CD from Ric Lee's Natural Born Swingers (formerly the Ric Lee Project) was released in Europe in November 2012.  In addition to Ric, the legendary drummer from Ten Years After, we have Danny Handley vocal/guitar and Scott Whitley vocal/bass, with guest contributions from Paul Jones, Kim Simmonds, Son Henry and Virgil MacMahon.  The band's Facebook page is Ric Lee's Natural Born Swingers
The CD is available from all major outlets including Amazon

Signed copies of the CD can be ordered from our website Ric Lee's Natural Born SwingersLook out for some German dates in 2013.


Hilary and I and are looking forward to some West Country dates in February 2013 and have another tour of Scotland booked for June 2013 .  We are planning a tour of Ireland in September 2013.  Check us out on Facebook atBob Hall & Hilary Blythe |



The live CD from The All Stars  featuring Long John Baldry, Peter Green, Kim Simmonds, Tom McGuinness and myself in performance at Notodden Festival 2004, on the Blue Label SPV 49692 is still available.  Titled "Live At Notodden" this has some epic performances and comes with a 12 page booklet.  The first English language review described it thus: "Lovers of the British Blues sound, here is your "album of the year"". 


Two tapes featuring one of my boogie woogie big bands have recently been found in The Rolling Stones archives.  These recordings, which were made at a live concert to celebrate fifty years of boogie woogie in 1978 feature Charlie Watts, Alexis Korner, an all-star horn section and vocals from Alexis, Chris Farlowe and myself.  I am hoping to go into the studio shortly to mix these historic recordings for CD release later this year if we can sort out the contractual issues.  Swindon Viewpoint have put up on the Net some clips of this band, see for example


Hilary and I have a new musical show, "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out" which tells the story of the rise of black vaudeville.  We have some dates already booked for 2013. Our music revue 'Good Liquor, Hard Times'  featuring music from the Prohibition era is also still available for bookings by rural touring schemes and arts centres.   The CD of 'Good Liquor, Hard Times' on Able Records can be obtained from Red Lick.  

Bob, Tom & John